SHOP TO LOVE: Satchel Galore

Luscious Desire

Satchel bags are one of the hottest trends  especially the candy ones. I’ve been searching for so long to find the perfect satchel bag for me. And when I saw my classmate Grace’s satchel, I immediately got the idea where to buy- to her sister’s online shop.

Satchel Galore  has a bunch of contemporary chic satchel bags. They have different colors, textile and even amazing prints too.  Plus, they offer satchel bags at an affordable price. Let me show you my hot picks 🙂

Ooh. I’m drooling over these metallic babies.

Photo Source: Satchel Galore

And the news is I grabbed one for myself. Aztec prints seemed to capture my heart and this one went with it.

I feel so excited to wear this on my following posts.

If you want to know more about Satchel Galore
you can check them on Facebook and pick the right satchel…

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