ranting time 8)

Sometimes i wished people would actually sit down and really think what they are doing :/ does it really not matter to them the way they are treating people? Yes i know everyone worked hard to get to the point where they are now but at least give a motivation here and there.

It really hurts me knowing that some people simply can’t do that. It’s nice knowing you still say hi but really just stay away from me when you pretend to care. It kills me inside seeing you put up the fake wave and smile. Why come to me when you have a problem? Am i suppose to just keep helping you while pretending everything is okay for me? God, i have my own problems to deal with >.>

What are your thoughts about people pretending to care? 🙂



Wake Me Up When I Care


Antik Batik embroidery t shirt
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Gray t shirt

RED Valentino short shorts

Converse sneaker
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Converse blue shoes
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“Must haves” this Spring

cute styles ❤


So it’s that time of the year again, where we LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH to the fullest…Spring! It’s time to jump out of those layers and live in colour. Here is the hottest trends for this Spring…my pleasure.

The Baby Blue Denim shirt

Pair this trend up with a coloured skinny to make it picture perfect

Mint Nails

Flashy Neon Clutches

Loud Blazers

Tribal inspired jewellery 

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